Hormonally Happy

Hormonally Happy

Discovering blessings, hormones and a possible mid-life crisis.

I originally named this site because of the hormones I needed to take during IVF. Then it made sense once I became pregnant because of the pregnancy hormones. Now that I’m postpartum, Hormonally Happy means even more to me on my journey and transition into motherhood and working through all of the hormones and emotions that come with that… and just trying to remain Hormonally Happy.


Explore the blog and see how one person’s craziness can be another person’s sanity.


Discover resources, people and helpful hints that might help you along in your journey to discovering hormonal happiness.


Be part of the journey. Come along on the ride with me and see how this crazy train called life progresses.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

Oscar Wilde

In a world where everyone seems to have an angle or a motive, I endeavor to be open and transparent.

This is simply my journey in discovering self-happiness, accepting joy and blessings, and trying to decipher if it’s the hormones or a mid-life crisis.

About Alycia

I am a marketer by day, a reader, TV watcher and dog lover by night, and a new mom.

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More Information

Check out each blog post for links and references to helpful resources that have helped me in my journey to becoming hormonally happy.

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