Creating my village

Blessing: my hairstylist in Austin… nuff said (all you ladies know how important a hair stylist is!)

So I went to my hair appointment this week. I’ve been seeing my stylist Lani since 2003 (that’s 17 years!!). Lani, just like every stylist, is a great listener and conversationalist. But even more so, Lani has become a good friend. She and I have so many things in common and have very similar personalities. Coincidentally, it seems like we go through similar life lessons at similar times in our lives… but in our own unique ways.

So as I was sitting in Lani’s chair, I shared with her that I was pregnant (she visualized earlier in the day that I would be telling her that when I arrived – crazy!). But then I went on share that as I’m progressing along in my pregnancy, I’m realizing that there aren’t any women in my life who are going through pregnancy at the same time. Moreover, I don’t have any friends that went through pregnancy at my age. On the flip side, my sister is currently pregnant as well (but in a far away land called Indiana). However, she has TONS of friends who are either currently pregnant or just had babies or who are undergoing IVF. As an example, my sister hasn’t needed to buy any maternity clothes because all of her friends gifted her stuff. She’s only needed to purchase a few baby items for the same reason. As a result, I’m feeling a little bit like I don’t have a village.

Lani, being astute and thoughtful as she always is, said to me:

You are a leader and a businesswoman. Find a way to create the village that you want.

Lani is so right!! My head is spinning with ideas on how to attack this but I’m eager and willing. Surely I’m not the only 40 year old woman in Austin who’s pregnant at this very moment. This will require time and attention but I’m excited and looking forward to embarking on this journey. It will be amazing to bring together (or find, if one already exists) a group of women who are of “advanced maternal age” to bond and share their experiences… and maybe swap some maternity clothes and baby stuff.

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