The ‘Rona

Blessing: silver linings during the “Times of Rona.” I started this blog post almost a month ago. It’s been a struggle to finish this one up. It’s been hard to focus my thoughts. But just like with everything else we’re faced with right now… I’m gonna push through. I had a whole list of variousContinue reading “The ‘Rona”

Baby Emma

Blessing: my sister just gave birth to her first child, Emma Elizabeth. My sister, Brianna, went into labor two weeks before her due date. That’s not very common for a first-time mother. So I received a text from her around 10pm last Tuesday that said she was having “uncomfortable contractions” and she think she’s goingContinue reading “Baby Emma”

Happy wife, happy life

Blessing: my husband… no truly, I mean it. Definitely blessed by my incredible husband. Throughout this pregnancy so far, I’ve been pretty even tempered. Really. It’s true. But to be fair, going through IVF really had me on an up and down roller coaster of emotions. Feeling crazy, crying at everything – even a stupidContinue reading “Happy wife, happy life”

Creating my village

Blessing: my hairstylist in Austin… nuff said (all you ladies know how important a hair stylist is!) So I went to my hair appointment this week. I’ve been seeing my stylist Lani since 2003 (that’s 17 years!!). Lani, just like every stylist, is a great listener and conversationalist. But even more so, Lani has becomeContinue reading “Creating my village”

It’s a dog’s life

Blessing: training my dog on behavioral topics I’ve mentioned it before… we have the best dog – Apache. He’s sweet, loving, a little attention-needy. He truly is the best! Except… he’s horrible on a leash. Always pulling. Zig zagging from side to side. And don’t even get me started on when he sees another dog.Continue reading “It’s a dog’s life”

(Don’t) Be still my heart

Blessing: hearing the heartbeat of my baby for the very first time Today my husband and I went for our first ultrasound since confirming that I’m pregnant. We got to see our little nugget today. He’s 6 weeks and 5 days along. We also got to hear his heartbeat and see his little heart flutterContinue reading “(Don’t) Be still my heart”