The Day (2 of 4)

Blessing: my husband for demonstrating real love everyday

September 2: So it was just after midnight, and almost immediately I was uncomfortable and in pain from the Cervidil. I writhed in pain all night and got very little sleep. Furthermore the monitors strapped around my stomach were very sensitive, and every time I moved, Aayden was no longer on the monitor. So along with being uncomfortable from contractions and the bed, I had the nurse in the room all the time adjusting the monitors. Between tossing and turning and being disturbed by the nurse, it made for a very fretful night and morning. The Cervidil stayed in for 12 hours. Finally at 11:30am, the nurse removed it and then the doctor came in to do a cervical check to see how much I was dilated. I don’t even know how to put into words how excruciatingly painful the cervical exam was. Not to be too graphic but I’m going there anyway… I was literally fisted by the OB as she jammed her fingers up inside me and couldn’t reach my cervix so she kept digging. Relax they said. It will make it easier they said. When the OB pulled her hand out, a significant amount of blood fell out of my vagina and splattered on the floor. They had to mop it up. The OB suggested to try to insert a foley bulb, which would manually dilate my cervix with a catheter. The OB tried twice and the catheter wouldn’t stay in. Then there was more blood. Alex told me later that he nearly passed out when he saw all of the blood. 

After that horrific experience, the doctor started me on Pitocin. Oh by the way, after the 12 hours of Cervidil and the cervical exam, I was 0.5cm dilated. If only you could see my expression right now. Ridiculous. So we started the Pitocin. One of the things I like about the OB practice I picked is that they go “low and slow” with Pitocin, so that they don’t overload the body with too much, too fast and it also allows the body to naturally support the labor process (if that happens). I felt some contractions initially but nothing as intense as when I had the Cervidil. Then nothing – no pain at all. I did one round of Pitocin (36 units) over 12 hours and then got a 1-hour break. 

Day 2 was rather uneventful, other than waiting and hoping to feel some contractions. As you can imagine, I was also pretty hungry. I don’t think I’ve had so much bone broth, sugar free popsicles and sugar free jello in my life (also known as a “clear diet”). Another graphic moment but one worth sharing was that I had to poop. However because of the intense back pain that I had due to the hospital bed, I couldn’t wipe myself. Embarrassing. I had to ask Alex to wipe my ass. He was gracious and did it. I told him that was the sign of real love. As he stood up from bending over the toilet to help me, he smacked his head on the cabinets that were above the toilet. I’m pretty sure he saw stars. His head bled profusely. He still has an indentation on his bald head. Poor guy. So that takes us into Day 3.

Loving those sugar free popsicles

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