You Are Not Alone

Blessings: knowing that we are not alone and we are not crazy In my journey of trying to understand the new me, the postpartum me, I’ve discovered Dr. Ashurina Ream, AKA Psyched Mommy. She is a licensed clinical psychologist with advanced training in perinatal mental health. I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly helpfulContinue reading “You Are Not Alone”

The Day (4 of 4)

Blessing: Julie, our doula at Peace and Birth September 4: It was just after midnight, and my epidural was administered about 30 minutes prior. The rush of pain relief and overall body relief was like nothing else. I was blissed out. I could still feel the contractions but I also felt totally and utterly relaxed.Continue reading “The Day (4 of 4)”

The Day (3 of 4)

Blessing: it sounds silly but the veggie burgers and fries at P. Terry’s September 3: After the first round of Pitocin, I got a one-hour break and was able to eat. Then we started round two. I only went up to 22 units this time when the doctor decided to give it a rest. UltimatelyContinue reading “The Day (3 of 4)”

The Day (2 of 4)

Blessing: my husband for demonstrating real love everyday September 2: So it was just after midnight, and almost immediately I was uncomfortable and in pain from the Cervidil. I writhed in pain all night and got very little sleep. Furthermore the monitors strapped around my stomach were very sensitive, and every time I moved, AaydenContinue reading “The Day (2 of 4)”

The Day (1 of 4)

Blessing: my rockstar husband for always thinking of food! Words matter. I care about how I tell a story. I take a great amount of time to write and read and then re-read what I write to make sure it conveys exactly what I want to say. I mentioned in my last post that IContinue reading “The Day (1 of 4)”

Baby Emma

Blessing: my sister just gave birth to her first child, Emma Elizabeth. My sister, Brianna, went into labor two weeks before her due date. That’s not very common for a first-time mother. So I received a text from her around 10pm last Tuesday that said she was having “uncomfortable contractions” and she think she’s goingContinue reading “Baby Emma”