Counting my blessings

So I didn’t do this in my first two posts but I want to start it now. Moving forward I’m going to share a blessing that I’ve received or experienced and that will dictate the “theme” for that post.

Blessing: I’ve been blessed with an incredible army of professional and medical women who have lifted me up, encouraged me and helped me find the faith I needed to know that I was meant for motherhood and that it would happen for me.

So by now you know I’m almost 6 weeks pregnant through the scientific miracles of IVF. While that is an extremely important and significant part of our current success, there is one particular individual who has been so energetically and emotionally transformational – Dahlia K. Rondeau, M.Ed., CTHP. During my most recent session with Dahlia, she shared this:

Heal yourself and you will help heal others. You are worthy to receive blessings and in turn, you can share those blessings with others.

Dahlia went on to discuss with me about Quantum mechanics and how we are all energetically connected. By healing myself and/or allowing myself to receive blessings, it has a ripple effect on those around me. My healing becomes other people’s healings. My blessings become other people’s blessings. This was so profound to me and opened up my heart to allow myself to receive good things in my life and not question “why me?”

Going into my most recent session with Dahlia, we discussed my pregnancy. I know she was praying for me and speaking with God and asking for this miracle to happen. And I’m so grateful. Pretty much I cry at least once a day because I’m so thankful for this little orange seed-sized miracle growing inside of me. However, I shared with Dahlia that I feel guilty because it happened on our first try with IVF. The process, from beginning to end, was rather smooth. Everything went as expected. But why should it be that easy for me when it can sometimes take multiple tries or never even happen for others?

In so many other areas of our lives, we’re told not to compare ourselves to others. We are not living the same life nor have we had the same journey. I get it. Kind of. But I was still struggling with the guilt. Rationally, I recognize that Alex and I have been trying for a long time to get pregnant. So it’s not like the road to get here was entirely easy… far from it… there was a lot of heartache and disappointment and tears…and money, lots of money for IVF. So Dahlia’s explanation provided me with peace, knowledge and the ability to accept my blessing for what it is… a blessing. Furthermore, she is convinced that my story will help someone else who might be on a similar journey.

I’m the type of person who is an open book. I generally tend to overshare. Even as my husband and I were going through IVF, I pretty much told everyone what we were doing. So when it came time to find out if we’re pregnant, so many people checked in with me that day. This is, in part, why I feel OK sharing our journey with the public… however it turns out in the end. I only know how to be transparent. In addition to Dahlia, I credit our journey and our initial pregnancy to the many people who have supported us along the way. By being open about our IVF process, so many friends, family and even acquaintances were praying for us, sending good vibes out there, and hoping for the best. And I think it helped us get to today, which is week 6, day 4 as I finish this post.

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