(Don’t) Be still my heart

Blessing: hearing the heartbeat of my baby for the very first time

Today my husband and I went for our first ultrasound since confirming that I’m pregnant. We got to see our little nugget today. He’s 6 weeks and 5 days along. We also got to hear his heartbeat and see his little heart flutter inside of my abdomen. What a surreal experience! (We might have teared up a little bit.)

Outside of this tender moment, I want to explore all of the other crazy stuff I’m going through with this pregnancy. I’ve hit a new low…an energy low. I take a shower. I need a nap. I blow dry my hair. I need a nap. I feed the dog. I need a nap. This is pure insanity. There are not enough hours in the day for me to accomplish what I need to and rest every time I feel overwhelmingly exhausted. I know I’m growing a baby inside of me but wtf!?!? And yes, I’m aware of all of the ways to increase my energy – exercise, keep moving, blah blah blah. But I still feel SUPER tired.

Also, totally random and I’m not sure if this is unique to my husband and so I’m curious if anyone else experiences this… my husband does the dishes but then seemingly he gets tired and only finishes the dishes part way. However, he cleans up the kitchen like everything is done. Then I’ll look in the sink and still see dishes. It’s another WTF moment for me!! Like if you’re already doing the dishes, why wouldn’t you just finish all of them?!?! I don’t get it.

On a completely different note, as you might be able to tell, I’m still trying to find my voice. I don’t want to be overly preachy and sentimental. I want to infuse humor, but I don’t want to be overly sarcastic and “ranty.” Blogging presents challenges on finding the right balance to my voice. Please stick with me… I will find my happy medium to all things soon.

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